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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Services Provided

Psychoeducational testing services are individualized based on the age and needs of the child and may include:

  • Testing for private school admissions
  • Assessment of learning disabilities
  • Evaluation of weaknesses in the acquisition of reading, math or writing skills
  • Assessment of cognitive factors such as memory, language, visual processing, visual motor skills, reasoning and executive function skills
  • Evaluation of social/emotional factors that may be impacting school functioning
  • School observations as part of the evaluation
  • ADHD assessments
  • Evaluation of autism spectrum concerns
  • Development of educational strategies and recommendations for support services to address learning needs
  • School meetings to discuss test findings with teachers and to go over educational intervention strategies based on the assessment
  • Coaching/consultation with parents to help them implement behavioral or learning strategies
  • Referral to specialized resources in the community including developmental pediatrics, occupational therapy, speech therapy, reading interventions, social skills groups, therapy, etc.


Helpful Forms

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